• Cindy Mundahl

Surviving the Aftermath of a Critical Incident

Officer found guilty! Of murder! Jordan Edwards. House party. Underage drinking. The officer used a rifle. Fired into the back window of the car. Officer afraid for his partner’s life. Partner said he did not fear for his life. In court. Truth. No coverup. The boys were black. The officers white. The officer will spend years in jail. The boy will spend eternity dead. Philando Castile’s killer feared for his life. That officer was acquitted. He resigned. His gun pointed at Philando’s chest. Multiple, close range shots. He bled to death. Four year old girl in the backseat. She saw everything. His girlfriend livestreamed it. Philando struggled to breathe. His body convulsed. There was marijuana in the car. There was dinner in the car. Elementary school food service manager. Mr. Phil. Kids don’t understand why he was shot. Adults know why he was shot. Philando had a gun in his pants. He told the officer. Permit to carry the weapon. The weapon stayed in his pants. The officer fired. He said there was a smell of marijuana in the car. The officer was Latino. Nia Wilson was leaving the train station with her sisters. A white man slit her throat. She died. A senior in high school. He also stabbed her sister. The man didn’t know Nia. Nia didn’t know the man. It was random, but not random. She was Black. And female. He was white. He was male. He still is male. She is dead. Trayvon Martin walking down the street. Eating Skittles. Wearing a hoodie. George Zimmerman. Neighborhood watch. He shot Trayvon. He was acquitted. He feared for his life. Trayvon died. He was a teenager. He was Black. Eric Garner. Headlock. Police arms. He couldn’t breathe. Then he didn’t breathe. They said he sold loose cigarettes. He’s dead. No air. No murder. No crime. Thurman Blevins chased down the alley. Officers in pursuit. Guns drawn. They tell him to stop. He runs. They pursue. They shoot him. Dead. In the alley. He had a gun. It wasn’t drawn. He was running away. Shot in the back. Multiple times. Officers on desk duty. No charges. Sandra Bland. Arrested during traffic stop. In Texas. Went to jail. Died. Suicide they said. Hanged in a cell. Family says no way. Officer lost his job. Case closed. Michael Brown. Ferguson. Riots. Michael’s body laying in the street. For hours. Dead. For all to see. Officer feared for his life. Self defense. Michael was unarmed. Twelve bullets fired. He was 18. And Black. No charges filed. Terence Crutcher. Unarmed. He died. Female officer. Car in middle of the street. Shot a Black man. Feared for her life. She’s white. Officer Shelby acquitted. Teacher Shelby now. Class called Surviving the Aftermath of a Critical Incident. Making money. Terence is dead. Dead and broke.

Jordan, Michael, Nia, Trayvon, Eric, Philando, Sandra, Thurman and Terence. And more. Many more.

Feared for their lives. Everyday. Fear was justified. Everyday.

Black. Everyday.

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