• Cindy Mundahl

Unpacking My Whiteness

On my road to consciousness, I've taken a path which is proving to be the one of the most difficult, necessary and powerful routes I've ever taken. After doing a lot of inner work on myself, I realized that I needed to work on another important component of my consciousness; the harm and pain that I bring into the world. I'm speaking of my white privilege, my role in perpetuating white supremacy and the how and why I've weaponized my whiteness against Black, Indigenous and People of Color. (BIPOC)

I realize this is a difficult subject for everyone. My intention over the next few weeks is to discuss my own learnings from doing this difficult work over the past few years, how I will continue to do this work for the rest of my life and share some of the resources and people I've learned from and continue to learn from while unpacking my whiteness. I've had to face my own biases, prejudices and ignorance. It's never been easy, but it's always been enlightening. This work has made me physically tense, mentally exhausted and emotionally spent, but it is also arguably the most important work I will do in my life.

My hope is that I will convince you to do your own work around whiteness and explore the impact of your biases on yourself, your loved ones and the world. We are all connected, despite the best efforts of white supremacy to make us believe otherwise. White supremacy harms all of us, regardless of our race. Yes, even white people. It strips us of our humanity and tells us that we white people are good people, that we don't need to change, and it gives us permission to remain oblivious to the harm we cause.

I believe that unpacking whiteness is the work of our lifetimes. It's the way we'll eradicate hate, achieve social and economic justice, dismantle the patriarchy and solve many of the major issues of our time and for generations to come. If we can examine ourselves closely and honestly, we'll begin to see that our own humanity is impacted by how we treat others. But this takes work; really hard work. The kind of work that will bring you to your knees and turn your view of yourself and the world we live in upside down. I'm already noticing positive outcomes from unpacking my whiteness. I'm more self aware, more compassionate toward others and more connected to people and the world. I'm also making many mistakes and causing harm to BIPOC and being called out for causing that harm. I will continue to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

Please join me in my journey of unpacking whiteness. It's a journey we can't afford to miss.

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