• Cindy Mundahl

Welcome to Giving Voice!

Giving Voice is born of my learnings from doing my inner work and finding my voice for the first time. I hope that some of my experiences will resonate with you and that this space will offer connection and hope, as well as highlight the rewards and challenges of consciousness.

Inner work is not easy. It's the kind of work that will bring you to your knees and make you scream for it to stop, but as they say, the greater the pain, the greater the reward. My goal with Giving Voice is to marry the personal with the political; to explore the ways in which our own personal growth and consciousness forces us to look outward and address the injustice and pain around us, how we become more connected to each other and to the natural world and how those connections call on us to continue our inner work to reclaim our own humanity and that of others. Once we gain consciousness, there's no turning back. We can't reclaim unconsciousness just because it's easier to turn a blind eye to pain and suffering.

What can you expect from Giving Voice?

  • Candor, humor, perspectives and questions. Lots of questions.

  • I hope to post once a week, but please be patient if that doesn't happen. I may be busy becoming conscious!

  • Personal essays, poetry and any other genre that I may fancy at a given time.

  • My personal views on culture, politics, art and anything else that may strike me in the moment. You don't have to agree with me, but please be respectful.

  • I welcome comments, questions and feedback.


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